Snowboard season

How I started up is I signed up at the snowbaord stand and put in my phone number and I could get all of the notifications about snowboarding. The next thing we did was go to the snowboard meeting at the library. Here they gave all the information about the season and how everything works. We also learned here that we have to raise some money, we did this by going to a holloween haunted house and being volunteers. It was very tiring standing around for 4 hours. Then when the season starts every wensday you get to leave early for night snowboarding and have compititions every weekend. On wensdays its really fun because you get to go up and practice for a little bit then you get to spend the rest of the just going where ever you want. Then on comp (compitition) days you have to take a practice run of the corse then you wait till its your teams turn to go. After the comp you get to go where ever you want to on the mountain. At the end of every comp you can get medals if you got 1-3 place, there is also a give away and you can get gloves or backpacks or most often wax for your snowboard. At the end of the season if you did good you get to go to state and compete against the best snowboarders, but you only get to compete in the comps that you did good in. Over all the snowboard season has been really fun to be apart of.